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Client testimonial – Kantar Retail

Posted on by nanda

The market research study we recently completed for Chloe, SRE at Kantar Retail has, I’m pleased to say, led to a lovely testimonial …

Thank you for all of your work on the recent Winter Medicines and Children/Baby Medicines research. I asked the team for some feedback and they said that you were very personable, professional, enthusiastic, great to work with and showed a great depth of knowledge. Our eye tracking technician said that you ‘couldn’t have been more helpful’ had a ‘can do’ attitude, nothing was too much of a problem when you were in the field so thank you for that.

The insights gained from the qualitative interviews really bolstered the quantitative elements and helped us to explain the why behind the behaviours we observed.

The report you provided was excellent – very detailed but clear and to the point with some really interesting observations and insights. The client was particularly pleased with the quotes supplied and the Vox Pops footage which he said really brought the report ‘to life’.

Thanks Chloe!

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