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added insight is a specialist qualitative market research agency operating across the Midlands and beyond. Established in 2002, we have built a reputation as a reliable, expert resource for companies that want to gain insight into the needs of their customers, staff, markets, competitors - really whatever understanding they need to inform their important business decisions.

Our expertise lies in uncovering why people may think and feel in certain ways, what really motivates their behaviour, how they have formed their attitudes and opinions etc. Understanding these things can provide companies with real insight that allows them to create more appropriate products and services. This approach involves talking to people in some depth, often in a one-to-one interview or focus group, and using specialist techniques to elicit and interpret their thoughts. It's not about 'tick-box' polls and surveys which tend to measure top of mind answers and how many people behave a certain way.

We've covered a huge range of audiences, sectors and subjects, deploying the best methods to suit practicality, budget and timescales. And as a boutique agency, we can offer a highly personal and tailored service without the high prices of the bigger international agencies. Some clients also like the fact that we are local to them - based near Rugby, we provide market research throughout Birmingham, Northamptonshire, Leicestershire, Warwickshire and London and are happy to travel further afield.

Although of course these have a place, it's often more important to understand underlying motivations rather than simply speaking to as many people as possible.